Korean Spicy Style Sauce(Pure Chon) 200g.


Brand : Pure Chon


Korean Spicy Style Sauce(Pure Chon) 200g.

Spicy Chicken Sauce Pure Cheon Brand 200 g. New Arrival A spicy Korean-style sauce that makes your chicken menu easily turned into a Korean chicken Style, designed as a bottle with a lid. Convenient to take it with you anywhere. Only you have Pure Cheon, any meal will come delicious.
Tip : 200 grams of sauce per 1,000 grams of fried chicken.

Menu Ideas

* Pure Cheon Fried Chicken

1. Bring chicken and mix with crispy flavour.

2. Fried Chicken with oil that floods the chicken meat.

3. Mix with PureCheon Spicy Chicken Sauce


* Chicken BBQ PureCheon

1. Mix fresh chicken with spicy chicken sauce.

2. Grill the chicken .

3. Eat with vegetables, fresh garlic, fresh chili and topped with spicy chicken sauce.


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