We are manufacturer and distributor for Funny Fries Franchise (Cheese fries, korean chicken fried and sandwiches) 

The concept of our brands are to create kiosk with attractive and distinguish colors (Red and yellow) and amusement park design. We establish our kiosk the at right place (school and children and teenage areas.) The food price are affordable for consumers which starting from 29.- baht only ( 1 dollar). Howevery the our franchisees have at least 100% profit for each serve.
Enjoy our perfect dip with our 6 signature sauce flavors. (Original Cheese, Spicy cheese, Corny cheese, Onion cheese, BBQ sauce and mayo dip). Try our big size french fries (11mm). We select the best french fries (Our Funny merry Brand). We design for teenager and children asian customers. All the tastes and concept are attractive for them.
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Korean Chicken Fried with 4 signature glazing sauce (Korean Chilli, Soy garlic, BBQ and Hot&Spicy). We teach you our secret chicken fried recipe! The food retail price start from 39.- or 1.3 dollar only. 
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 Happy Sandwich, Great and Perfect meal for all with the original creamy salad and bakery shreded pork. Starting from 19.- only. 



Double fries (Best Seller Menu) with big size frenchfries and 6 signature sauce. Starting price 29.- baht. Profit for franchisee is about 120% 


Cheese ball and big french fries (Cheese ball with real mozzerella cheese) top with our signature sauces. Starting price 39.- Profit for franchisee is about 100%.


Enjoy our Korean Style corndog! Top with 6 signature sauces. Corndogs is made with chicken sausage and perfect batter. Starting from 15.- only. Profit per serving: 120%


Korean Chic Fried with 4 signature glazing sauces : BBQ, Hot&Spicy, Soy Garlic and korean Chilli flavored. Starting from 39.- only. Profit per serve is about 133%. 


Morning Sandwich, Just Grab and Go! With the orginal salad cream and bakery shreded dried pork make your perfect meal. Starting from 19.- only. Profit 80% per serve


Nugget Bomb Fries (Nugget with sweet chilli sauce inside). New and Surprise!! Dont forget to top with our 6 signature sauces to boost flavor and taste. Starting from 39.- only. Profit per serve is approximately 116% 


Original Cheesy Dip
Corny Cheesy Dip
BBQ Sauce
Pizza Cheesy Dip 
Mayo Dip  
Spicy Cheesy Dip 
(Little spicy with sriracha chilli flavor and cheese) 
Sweet Purple potato cheesy dip 
Onion Cheesy Dip
Nori Wasabi Mayo Dip
Chicken Glazing Sauce (Soy Garlic Flavored)
Chicken Glazing Sauce (Korean Chlli Flavored)
Original Creamy salad cream


 Funnyfries signature kiosk
Franchise Fee :  49,000.- baht 
No annaul fee 
No profit sharing with franchisor 
Free to operate, you will be the true enterprenuer 
Profit per serve : approximately 100% up 
Be able to expand your own branches with special discount from FunnyFries. 
Trendy Menu with affordable price for consumer
Raw material from manufacturer and brand helps you for cost reduction
More profit and happiness to gain 
One Stop Service 
Upgrade Funny Chic Menu Only 5,000 baht
Korean Fried Chicken (Korean Street Food)  
Secret Recipe and Signature glazing sauce 
Quick and Easy 

Upgrade Funny Bread  Only 2,500 baht 
Morning sandwich with orginal salad cream and dried shreded pork
Catering Service, Outside Catering Service, Banquets Service, Seminars Service, Housewarming Ceremony Service , Birthday, making merit and events are all avalible
Contact US 

 Line@ : @purefoods

Tel: 02-525-8800

Hot Line:  080-554-2626
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