Spicy wing zap shake powder, size 500 g.


Brand : Cheeseto


Spicy wing zap shake powder, size 500 g.

Wing Zabb Spicy Shaking Powder, size 500 grams, a new product from Cheeseto brand, delicious, delicious, unique, easy to carry, shake it!!!!

Have you ever wanted to eat spicy shaked chicken with spicy powder? Satisfy your heart. Going out to buy. Traffic is not good. Ordered to eat at home, it's not as delicious as I thought. But today, the solution has arrived. Wing Zapp Shaking Powder has it in the house so you can feel at ease.


Crispy French Fries Leave it to cool for a while, then shake it with shake powder, wink zap at cheesetochan, just like this, it's delicious.


Available to order. Size 500 grams. The retail price is 109 baht per bag, the whole box is also available. In 1 box, it contains 12 envelopes, the price is only 1020 baht.

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