Cheesy Dip French Fries (F&G Brand) 800 g.



Cheesy Dip French Fries (F&G Brand) 800 g.


Sauce for dipping french fries and fries, cheese flavor, Fresh and Green brand

Rich of cheese flavor , you can also use it to make sandwiches. It's delicious too.

The aroma of cheese is concentrated to the heart with a unique flavor. Can be used to cook a variety of dishes. Whether it is a popular menu like Hot french fries topped with cheesy dip or used as a dip for dipping.

You can also dip it in various fried dishes such as nuggets, chicken pops, shrimp donuts, cheesy dips, cheeseto brand.

The partner of fried food menu.

Full of cheese flavor.

Shelf life 6 months, once opened should be stored in the refrigerator.

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